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كاليمارى حلقات

LE 160.00

Salmon Fillet Shank

LE 210.00

FF Korean Noodles Style Unflavored

LE 156.00

Dark Soy Sauce Kikkoman

LE 305.00

Nile Perch Fillet - قشر بياض

LE 200.00

Tilapia Fillet - بلطى فيليه

LE 135.00

Smoked Herring fillet (رنجه)

LE 185.00

Crab sticks 45% Surimi

LE 90.00

Mussels Half Shell

LE 545.00

Black Sesame

LE 210.00

Vermicelli Glass Noodles

LE 130.00

Light Soy Sauce (Yas Garden )

LE 35.00

Panko Breadcrumbs

LE 150.00

Egg Noodles (Yas Garden)

LE 255.00

Smoked Salmon Chunks

LE 730.00

Sushi Vinegar

LE 170.00

Mussels Full Shell

LE 390.00

La Mer Crab sticks 45% Surimi

LE 100.00
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